What I wore Sunday… day to night outfit !

Today I wanted to share with you day to-night outfit that will work (with few adjustments) for professional and more casual occasions. White blouse with beautiful lace detail plus fitted trousers (coated jeans in my case for slightly more edgy look) will take you from early morning to evening. As the temperature in the UK is still in low tens I had to add the coat… It is a staple I could not live without so much so that I have this coat in four slightly different styles and fabrics (one featured here).

The rest of the outfit is very simple. Bag that I had in my possession for over five years that is worth every penny I have paid for it. It works perfectly as a work and travel companion and I hope it will serve that purpose for many years to come. I have also added my favourite flats and classic sunglasses that I keep in my car for every eventuality.

What I like about the outfit I am showing you is its simplicity and versatility. Drop the jeans and add pencil skirt and the outfit will pass the test even in the most corporate of places. Change the coat for leather jacket and You can go out for the night out.

So that is how I wore it on Sunday !

Picture 28*

Blouse The Kooples (new season here)

Coat Zara (new season here)

Jeans Belstaff (sold out)

Flats Alexander McQueen (sold out)

Bag LV

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Picture 33**

Picture 32**

Picture 11**

Picture 12**

Picture 24*

Picture 0*

Picture 26**

Picture 1**

Picture 34**

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Life in a country

I am a city animal. I have been born and raised in a big city and I love being close to action. I cannot imagine not having restaurants, cinema and shops close to where I live. Having said all of that, I now live in a countryside. Quite a few years ago we made a conscious decision to move out of the city, closer to nature.

Initially, I wanted to show You these pictures as a What I wore Sunday post but I have change my mind considering deeper meaning of what I want to say. The main reason for the post is to motivate my readers to find balance. In life, workplace, responsibility that You take on Your shoulders. Although I still struggle from time to time to separate my life and tasks, moving closer to nature has definitely made a positive difference for me. I love the fact that when I close the door to my house I hear silence. No cars, buses, trams and all the typical noises associated with the life in a big city.

I am very lucky that we have made it work for us. I commute for work everyday but on the weekend and days off I have a chance to go for a walk and try to enjoy simpler way of living. As there is still part in me that needs the city associated guilty pleasures like eating out or shopping I love to treat myself to a trip to Manchester or London from time to time.

So whatever You enjoy in life, finding a balance between duties and pleasures is crucial. Reflecting on everyday as well as dreaming big will help to change Your reality. Can do attitude does not cost anything but will make a huge difference !

Picture 2100

Jacket Barbour

Skirt Zara (sold out)

Jeans Topshop

Belt Stradivarius

Shoes Converse

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Picture 1900


picture 1700

Picture 1200

Picture 800

Picture 1100

Picture 1000

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What I wore Sunday… sunny day in York

Since we moved to England I have been visiting York every couple of months. I love the cobble streets and the beauty of the city centre. Every corner is picture perfect and especially in spring York seems like a best weekend destination if You after a city break. There is so many cafes and restaurants with the easy reach that You are spoiled for choice.

As You know I have been embracing some of the new trends lately and when I saw this jumper I wanted to try it instantly. As I was not sure if it suitable for me I spent some time looking for alternatives and although I have managed to find some (here and here) there was always something that was holding me back.. I eventually decided to get it and I will try to style it for casual and work purposes so if I feature it again and again in here I have to apologise ! I am not an impulse buyer (maybe not any more..) and I take a lot of time to consider my purchases. I try to buy less but things that will stay in my closet for many years to come and will work for variety of occasions.

The skirt and handbag are very good examples of this. I bought this shirt about three years ago and although it is not the simplest of things to work with I am still standing by my purchase. It is from Karen Millen and I remember I bought in Manchester. I think I had a 20 or 25 % voucher when I got it and that helped me justify the cost ! I like to make my money going further and do my best to treasure every of my purchases.

I have added this beautiful pair of shoes for a little bit of colour in this monochrome outfit. Thy are perfect heel height and the colour is to die for. I would like to add another pair of suede heels to my collection maybe in hot pink or red but time will tell.

Enjoy and let me know what are You investing in this season ?

Picture 23

Jumper Club Monaco (sold out)

Skirt Karen Millen (similar)

Handbag DVF (sold out)

Heels Paul Smith (similar)

Sunglasses Chanel (sold out)

Picture 16

Picture 19

Picture 34

Picture 33

Picture 31

Picture 8


Picture 20

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New trends.. yellow

As promised last week I am trying to introduce new things to my wardrobe. I have not been experimenting with colour and there is no time like present…

I saw this blouse some time ago on YouTube and I could not get it out of my head. I was debating whether to get it or not and decided against it… But if something is meant for You it will find You soon or later. A week later I was shopping in Topshop and came across the last chance to buy rack. There it was my blouse in the very last size that was perfect for me. It is perfect in every way as it is featuring the newest trend, fits perfectly and has this lady-like appeal.

The rest of the outfit came together in a very natural way. As the blouse stand out enough I wanted to add pieces that would highlight its texture and colour. Black seemed like a perfect match. I also added my beloved grey clutch and YSL heels that go with everything.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what would You like to see next !!!


Blouse Topshop

Coat Zara

Jeans Topshop

Handbag DVF (sold out)

Heels YSL (similar)







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